Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Department of Ocean Systems

Studying open-ocean processes from a multitude of scientific disciplines, ranging from physical oceanography to ocean chemistry and from marine geology to paleoceanography as well as deep-sea ecology.

The OCS Department studies the vital role of ocean systems in climate and biodiversity, from equator to pole, from the shelf to the deep ocean, and from present to past. The ocean serves as a critical regulator of global climate, being the largest reservoir of CO2 and heat, while also harboring the most extensive ecosystem on Earth. We use in-situ, experimental, analytical, and modeling methods to enhance our fundamental understanding of the chemical, biological, and physical processes in our oceans.

News and updates

Friday 24 May 2024
30 million for research into acceleration of climate change
Climate change can be accelerated by feedback mechanisms: complex phenomena caused by climate change that in turn can further drive climate change. One example is the additional CO2 emissions from thawing permafrost. Research into the influence of…
Tuesday 05 March 2024
Deep sea and sediments bring iron to Antarctic waters
Deep sea and sediments bring iron to Antarctic waters Iron that fertilizes the waters around Antarctica, mostly comes from the deep, upwelling waters and the sediments around the continent. That is shown by field research of NIOZ marine…
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Unexpected biodiversity on the ocean floor
Hydrothermal vents and manganese nodule fields in the deep oceans contain more biodiversity than expected. That is shown by the thesis that NIOZ-marine biologist Coral Diaz-Recio Lorenzo will defend today at Utrecht University. “This research – again…


Ocean & Climate The ocean plays a fundamental role in regulating Earth’s climate. The links between ocean and climate are multi-faceted and far from fully comprehended. We study the key ocean-climate interactions over a range of time scales.
Marine ecology The ocean hosts a large variety of habitats, including underwater mountains, canyons, abyssal plains, hydrothermal vents, and reef systems. We study these largely unknown biodiversity hotspots and their functioning from water column to ocean floo…
Ocean dynamics The ocean is always in motion, from small-scale turbulence to the global ocean circulation. We study what drives these processes and how they influence ocean chemistry, marine ecosystems and past, current, and future climate.
Carbon & Nutrient cycles The ocean acts as a dynamic reservoir in the global carbon cycle. We study how coupled chemical, biological, and physical processes control the movement and bioavailability of nutrients sustaining life in water and sediments.


Reichart, Gert-Jan
Head of Scientific Department
Brinkhuis, Henk
Senior Research Leader
Brummer, Geert-Jan
Head of Analytical Laboratory
Da Silva Jacinto, Ricardo
Visiting Scientist
Gollner, Sabine
Senior Scientist
Groeskamp, Sjoerd
Senior Scientist
Haren van, Hans
Senior Scientist
Hennekam, Rick
Tenure track Scientist
Humphreys, Matthew
Senior Scientist
Jong de, Femke
Senior Scientist
Kraal, Peter
Senior Scientist
Middag, Rob
Research Leader
Mienis, Furu
Senior Scientist
Nooijer de, Lennart
Research Leader
Stigter de, Henko
Stuut, Jan-Berend
Research Leader
Adler, Marina
PhD student
Bertoncelj, Vesna
PhD student
Boxtel van, Anouk
PhD student
Bruin de, Geert
Visiting PhD
Cala, Ben
PhD student
Delaigue, Louise
PhD student
Farrell, Peter
PhD student
Fedorov, Aleksandr
PhD student
Gigli, Federico
PhD student
Hilgen, Cecile
Visiting PhD
Karancz, Szabina
PhD student
Konst, Merel
PhD student
Kooij, Florine
PhD student
Kranawetter, Lucia
PhD student
Kusters, Niek
PhD student
Nelissen, Mei
PhD student
Ourradi, Yasmina
PhD student
Sterl, Miriam
PhD student
Temmerman, Daan
PhD student
Verhage, Oeki
Visiting PhD
Wu, Guangnan
PhD student
Bakker, Karel
Senior Research Assistant
Boer, Wim
Senior Research Assistant
Kooijman, Jeroen
Laboratory Assistant
Koster, Bob
Senior Research Assistant
Ooijen van, Jan
Senior Research Assistant
Ossebaar, Sharyn
Senior Research Assistant
Riekenberg, Jessica
Senior Research Assistant

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Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research
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1 Oct 2022 - 31 Dec 2027
NoSE - WP2 Benthic processes
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1 Oct 2022 - 31 Dec 2027
NoSE - WP3 Paleo reconstructions
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1 Oct 2022 - 31 Dec 2027
Impact of waste streams on marine ecology
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1 Oct 2022 - 31 Dec 2027

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