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Thursday 30 March 2023
NIOZ annual report 2022
NIOZ director Han Dolman: "2022 was a year which started with hopes high. Finally, after three years, we had a year which was at least partly devoid of major Covid-19 troubles. After the last lockdown, NIOZ was fully opened up and PhDs, postdocs and…
Thursday 23 March 2023
Flood risk ten times higher in many places within 30 years
After the North Sea Flood of 1953, it took nearly 45 years to finalize the Delta Works. If we want to protect The Netherlands against sea-level rise, we shouldn’t wait too long. But how much time do we have left? Researchers from NIOZ, Utrecht…
Tuesday 21 March 2023
NIOZ collaboration with the fossil fuels industry and other industries
At NIOZ there has been a developing discussion under what conditions NIOZ can be involved in research funded by big oil and gas companies. Reasons for having this discussion now are the tenders for the wind parks at the North Sea (HKW, IJmuiden Ver),…
Monday 20 March 2023
Latest and possibly final IPCC warning: Effective climate policy is more urgent than ever
To have a fifty-fifty chance of meeting the 1.5-degree Paris target, in early 2020 the world could still emit 500 gigatons of CO2. Now, three years later, only 380 gigatons of that remains. As a result, in almost all scenarios, we exceed the 1.5…
Thursday 16 March 2023
"It is too early for commercial deep-sea mining"
"Extracting manganese nodules or other valuable metals from the bottom of the oceans is still fraught with many uncertainties. It is therefore far too early to proceed with commercial deep-sea mining at this time." So says marine biologist Sabine…
Wednesday 15 March 2023
Natural coastal protection influenced by seagrass and soil animals
NIOZ PhD candidate Jaco de Smit investigated the role of the tidal zone in natural coastal protection. He improved a research method to conduct realistic experiments in the sea. In doing so, he discovered that offshore seagrass is surprisingly…
Wednesday 15 March 2023
NIOZ director Han Dolman's book 'Carbon dioxide through the ages: from wild spirit to climate culprit'
Everything you always wanted to know about carbon dioxide. In this book, Han Dolman meticulously traces the history of the most important greenhouse gas, from its discovery in 1600, to the problems the global community now faces with this ‘wild…
Friday 10 March 2023
Strong currents supply food towards deep-sea reefs
Marine biologist Evert de Froe discovered how cold-water corals and sponges can make thriving reefs in the deep, dark and cold sea: ocean currents ensure the supply of sufficient food to the ocean floor. Using a simulation model, De Froe can now…
Tuesday 07 March 2023
NIOZ researcher Anja Spang wins 2023 Ammodo Science Award
Ammodo today announced that Tazuko van Berkel, Stan Brouns, Tatiana Filatova, Jingyuan Fu, Merel Keijzer, Daniël Lakens, Hugo Snippert and Anja Spang are the winners of the Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research 2023. The laureates each…
Monday 06 March 2023
Young grass follows different growth strategies on salt marshes and in dunes
Shoots of a young grass plant in the salt marsh grow clustered regardless of environmental factors. Whereas in the dunes, young grasses organize their shoots differently depending on the species and their habitat. With their diverse growth…