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1st June 2019
S.E.A. Science encouters art tour Texel
Stichting SEA (Science Encounters Art) brengt in de zomer van 2019 een kunstroute met tien (tijdelijke) kunstwerken op diverse locaties op Texel tot stand. Een uniek project, gebaseerd op de samenwerking tussen wetenschappers van het NIOZ en…
16th May 2019
Colloquium | Regime shifts and early warning indicators in benthic marine assemblages
Ecosystems may shift abruptly between alternative states in response to environmental perturbations. Such transitions may be very difficult to reverse and often involve severe natural and socio-economic impacts. Theory predicts that the approach to a…
9th May 2019
Colloquium | Emergent properties of bio-physical self-organization in vegetated streams
Self-organization, the formation of spatial patterns due to ecological interactions, is a common phenomenon in natural ecosystems. Theoretical studies indicate that self-organization is an important regulating process in ecosystems. For instance, it…
2nd May 2019
Colloquium | Regulation of the xanthophyll cycle in diatoms
Diatoms are the dominant primary producers in highly mixed waters, characterized by fluctuating light conditions. To avoid oxidative damage during exposure to high light, diatoms possess a very efficient and fast photoprotective response: the…
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25th April 2019
Colloquium | Controls on sodium incorporation in foraminiferal calcite – the development of a proxy for salinity
Ongoing climate change increasingly affects our planet and society. Whereas climate change as a consequence of anthropogenic CO2 input is generally accepted, its magnitude and long-term impacts are not fully quantified, nor are they understood.…