Mission Blue Planet

Protecting and using our blue planet responsibly, starts with understanding our changing seas. NIOZ conducts marine research for society, from the deltas to the deep oceans. Our sea-going, process-oriented research and National Marine Facilities help scientific communities, businesses and policy-makers to address some of the biggest challenges ahead.

More about NIOZ

Scientific Departments

Our science is conducted in four scientific departments;. Three of them are area oriented: estuaries and delta areas, coastal seas and open oceans. Marine Microbiology and Biogeochemistry conducts science in all three area types.

Key Areas

NIOZ performs maritime research in seas and oceans around the world. Our focus is on six key areas, including the home bases of our institute, the Wadden Sea and the Dutch Delta.

Wadden Sea

A unique coastal tidal environment and one of the main research areas

Dutch Delta

A protective boundary between land and sea, and a principal research area


Studying the rich biodiversity and functioning of the tropical region

North Sea

Balancing human use and healthy ecosystems in one of the busiest seas

North Atlantic Ocean

Crucial to our climate and harbouring unique ecosystems in its dark depths


Assessing the rapid change of the polar regions, which impacts our planet

Asian estuaries and coasts

The value and problems of Asian estuaries and coasts


An important part of the NIOZ mission is valorisation of our research efforts – what we like to call frontier-applied research. Successful examples include projects around ballast water, seaweed, tidal energy and deep-sea mining.