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Internships & Graduation projects

NIOZ provides exciting educational opportunities and career exploration in the marine sciences for students from universities, universities of applied sciences (HBO) and vocational education (MBO). Interns work with leading scientists and experts in our laboratories and workshops, as well as on our research vessels.

Some of our internship opportunities and graduation projects (e.g. MSc thesis projects) are listed below. If you have a specific interest or you want to explore NIOZ research, please browse the webpages of our research departments: Estuarine & Delta Systems, Coastal Systems, Ocean Systems and Marine Microbiology & Biogeochemistry. You can contact linked scientists directly to inquire about possibilities for an internship or graduation project.

!!! Please note that due to the measures against the corona virus, internships and graduation projects can start in September 2020 at the earliest. However, be aware that depending on how the Covid-19 situation evolves, this date might be further delayed !!!


MSc students

BSc students
Students from universities of applied sciences (HBO)
Vocational students (MBO)

Internship opportunities for MBO students can be found on for NIOZ Texel and NIOZ Yerseke.

Engineering & technology internships (HBO and MBO)

NIOZ National Marine Research Facilities (NMF) offers student opportunities in the fields of marine mechanics, electronics and instruments. Interns will work with experts in the NIOZ workshops and occasionally on board of our research vessels. For more information, please contact Alex Cofino.

Internships for high school students (“snuffelstages” and “profielwerkstukken”)

Occasionally, high school students can carry out short internships of a few days or work on a research topic for their “profielwerkstuk” under the guidance of a NIOZ researcher. There are governmental rules that apply to interns younger than 18 years (in Dutch only), however, and these complicate these kinds of internships. Please inquire with Ms. Dörte Poszig, NIOZ education coordinator, about possibilities.

Student accommodation

NIOZ provides accommodation for interns at Campus De Potvis on Texel and guesthouse De Keete in Yerseke. For Campus De Potvis, reservations must be made via the Potvis booking website. For accommodation at NIOZ Yerseke, please contact the caretaker of De Keete, Jan Megens.

Internship conditions

Details on the conditions for an internship at NIOZ, including information on the NIOZ financial contributions for students, can be found in our Internship Implementation Regulation (for Dutch see here).