Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research


NIOZ research projects whose results appear in internationally leading journals

NIOZ conducts fundamental and frontier-applied scientific research in estuarine and delta areas, coastal seas and oceans around the world. The results are published in internationally leading journals, while the research data is made accessible online.

Research projects

NIOZ research projects investigate important processes in estuarine and delta areas, coastal seas and oceans. We distinguish between projects studying fundamental scientific issues and frontier-applied research in public-private partnerships. The results of our research projects are published in internationally leading scientific journals and, in case of applied research, in NIOZ reports.

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Research data

An important part of our research is to manage, share and make accessible the research data of NIOZ projects. We maintain and contribute to a number of online data portals.

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The NIOZ Repository provides access to the institute’s research output. It contains over a thousand journal articles, books, theses and other materials published since 2011.

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