Courses, summer schools and internships in the marine sciences

Education is a central part of the NIOZ mission of building and sharing scientific knowledge. We offer courses and internships for students who want to pursue a career in the marine sciences, including our annual Marine Masters Summer Course.

Understanding the world’s seas and oceans requires knowledge of their physical, chemical, biological and geological processes. NIOZ believes that education is at the core of sharing this knowledge.

NIOZ organises the annual Marine Masters Summer Course and is co-organiser of two summer schools that bring together marine scientists and students from Dutch as well as international universities. Their aim is to give insight into current directions of marine research, while encouraging exchange across disciplinary and country borders.

NIOZ Marine Masters Summer Course
NIOZ offers an annual Marine Masters Summer Course that gives insight into state-of-the-art marine research. This introductory, multidisciplinary course covers physics, chemistry, biology and geology as the pillars of oceanography, and offers practical research experience. It is hosted at NIOZ Texel, with the western Wadden Sea as hands-on research area.
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NCK Summer School
NIOZ is part of the Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK), a network of private, governmental and independent research institutes and universities working in coastal research. The bi-annual NCK Summer School: Estuarine and Coastal Processes in Relation to Coastal Zone Management provides young engineers and scientists specialising in coastal and estuarine processes with a common background in knowledge, tools and skills.
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NIOZ Internships
The NIOZ internship program provides exciting educational opportunities in the marine sciences for students from Dutch universities, universities of applied sciences (HBO) and vocational education (MBO).

Our internships offer career exploration in a range of marine science fields and cover both fundamental and frontier-applied sciences as well as marine technology topics. Interns work with leading scientists and experts in our laboratories and workshops, as well as on our research vessels.
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