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About National Marine Facilities

National Marine Facilities (NMF) is a division of NIOZ. We provide researchers working in the Netherlands with ships, seagoing equipment, data management and qualified personnel to operate these facilities.

Background info & contact Here you can find background information and contact details of the NMF department and how to access the NMF facilities
NMF Units & Facilities Information on the NMF units support, development, data management and logistics.
Research vessels NMF operates the National Research Fleet of the Netherlands: RV Pelagia, RV Navicula and RV Stern.
Sea going equipment NMF maintains and operates a diverse pool of seagoing equipment for the marine science community in the Netherlands.
Scientific programme Here you can find more information on the scientific programme of the research vessels.
New national research fleet More information about the renewal of the national research fleet and equipment will follow soon.

Not part of the National Marine Facilities are the NIOZ Wadden &Delta location facilities  and the NIOZ library