Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research


The NIOZ board supervises and advises the institute

The NIOZ board has a supervisory and advisory role. It adopts the budget, financial statements, the annual report and the institute’s strategy to be submitted to the Board of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The NIOZ board consists of:

  • Ir. A.J. (Harry) Baayen, chair
  • Dr. ir. B. (Bas) Buchner
  • Drs. L.H.M. (Luc) Kohsiek
  • Prof. dr. J.B.M. (Jack) Middelburg

The members of the foundation board are eligible for reimbursement in accordance with the NWO regime Fees Management and Advisory Activities (NWO Vacatiegeldenbesluit 2009 (in Dutch). The size of the fee is fixed periodically (2015: Chairman € 5,000 and € 3,000 other board members on an annual basis). The actual payment is stated in the financial statements.