About NIOZ

Royal NIOZ, the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee), is an institute of NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. We work in close cooperation with Utrecht University and other Dutch and international universities and marine institutes.

NIOZ activities

We perform fundamental and frontier-applied marine research addressing important scientific and societal questions around deltas and estuaries, seas and oceans. We offer facilities including the National Marine Facilities for the Dutch scientific community. And we participate in education in the marine sciences in cooperation with several Dutch universities.

Our fundamental research contributes to solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s great challenges posed by climate change, overexploitation and pollution of seas and oceans.

Our frontier-applied science contributes to a sustainable use of our seas and oceans for economic purposes, known as ‘Blue Growth’, and to responsible policy decisions in the Netherlands and internationally.

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NIOZ organisation

NIOZ is made up of four science departments, along with three support departments. Our science departments are:

NIOZ was founded as the Dutch Zoological Station in 1876. Today, our facilities are located on the Wadden island of Texel and in the town of Yerseke on the border of the Eastern Scheldt.

The institute is managed by our director prof. dr. Henk Brinkhuis, supervised by our Board and advised by our Scientific Advisory Committee.

Our primary source of basic funding is the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Another long-term financial partner is Utrecht University. An overview of the budget can be found in our Annual Report.

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