Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Marine Studies

NIOZ organises the annual Marine Masters Summer Course and is co-organiser of two summer schools that bring together marine scientists and students from Dutch as well as international universities. Their aim is to give insight into current directions of marine research, while encouraging exchange across disciplinary and country borders. Furthermore, NIOZ also is involved in training workshops for professionals.

NIOZ Marine Masters Summer Course, July 2-14, 2017
NIOZ offers an annual Marine Masters Summer Course that gives insight into state-of-the-art marine research. This introductory, multidisciplinary course covers physics, chemistry, biology and geology as the pillars of oceanography, and offers practical research experience. It is hosted at NIOZ Texel, with the western Wadden Sea as hands-on research area.
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NCK Summer School, June 26-July 7, 2017
NIOZ is part of the Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK), a network of private, governmental and independent research institutes and universities working in coastal research. The bi-annual NCK Summer School: Estuarine and Coastal Processes in Relation to Coastal Zone Management provides young engineers and scientists specialising in coastal and estuarine processes with a common background in knowledge, tools and skills.
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Summer School 'Role of Soft and Hard Substrate Benthos in Ecosystem Functioning', July 17-21, 2017
This summer school gives PhD students and early post-docs the opportunity to gain insight into the experimental methodology to investigate the effect of animal activity on biogeochemical cycling in both sediments and the water column. It covers field observations and experiments to modeling and indicator development. The summer school takes place at the STARESO Research Station in Calvi, France.  
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SCOR-POGO International Training Workshop for Nutrient Analysis, November 5-9, 2017
This workshop at NIOZ is targeted at scientists and technicians from developing countries to give them the opportunity of learning techniques and protocols, and sharing thoughts and ideas with some of the world’s most experienced ocean going nutrient chemists. This training course will provide invaluable experience and knowledge in all aspects of nutrient analysis using CFA’s, including basic analytical information, sample handling, pipetting, reagent make-up, calibrations, CFA flow hydraulics and the use of CRM’s. The workshop will provide a combination of lab work and lectures and is organised by NIOZ and PML and co-sponsored by POGO, SCOR and JAMSTEC for SCOR Working Group #147 (COMPONUT): Towards comparability of global oceanic nutrient data. 
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Marine Master Programmes in the Netherlands

Are you interested in doing master studies in “something with the sea”, but you don’t really know which course of studies to follow? Here you will find brief descriptions of master study programmes in the marine sciences in the Netherlands to help you orientate yourself.