Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Phone number
+31 (0)222 36 9386
Ocean Systems (OCS)
Senior Research Assistant
  • Laser ablation and solution ICP-MS specialist
  • Matlab software writer
  • 210Pb, 226Ra and 137Cs dating of sediments
  • Particle characterization

Wim Boer

Senior Research Assistant

Laser Ablation-ICP-MS Specialist | SF-ICPMS Operator | Software writer in MATLAB|Radionuclides Analyst | Particle Characterization Expert | Laboratory Management

Laser Ablation-ICP-MS, I am experienced in operating and maintaining systems, laser ablation (ESI NWR193UC) coupled with a Q-ICP-MS (Thermo, iCAP-Q). My proficiency extends to method development (e.g. Boer et al., 2022), ensuring the generation of accurate and precise data for various applications including foraminifera, shells, and corals.

As an adept operator of SF-ICP-MS (Thermo, Element-2), I specialize in method development and analysis of carbonates.

I am a skilled Software Writer proficient in MATLAB, specializing in scientific data analysis and the development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) using App Designer. With a strong background in Laser Ablation-ICP-MS and solution SF-ICPMS, I bring extensive expertise to this application.

My expertise also encompasses the analysis of short-lived low-radioactive isotopes such as Pb-210, Ra-226, Cs-137 using alpha and gamma spectrometry. Additionally, I conducted sediment dating through modeling Pb-210 profiles (Boer et al., 2006).

I contribute valuable insights into particle characterization through my expertise in grain size measurements (Coulter LS230) and scanning electron microscopy.

In addition to technical skills, I have overseen laboratory renovations and led the acquisition and implementation of state-of-the-art instruments, while mentoring students and analysts along the way.

With a commitment to advancing research, I have contributed to numerous publications in leading international journals, both as a co-author and leading author. Notable contributions include papers on a new nano particulate reference material for element and isotope in-situ analysis and validation of accumulation rates in marine sediments.

I am passionate about leveraging my skills and experience to drive innovation, optimize workflows, and enhance data accuracy and precision in scientific research. Let's connect to explore potential collaborations and opportunities for advancement in the field of scientific data analysis.

NIOZ publications

  • 2023
    de Winter, N.J.; Killam, D.; Fröhlich, L.; de Nooijer, L.; Boer, W.; Schöne, B.R.; Thébault, J.; Reichart, G.-J. (2023). Ultradian rhythms in shell composition of photosymbiotic and non-photosymbiotic mollusks. Biogeosciences 20(14): 3027-3052.
    de Winter, N.J.; van Sikkeleras, S.; Goudsmit-Harzevoort, B.; Boer, W.; de Nooijer, L.; Reichart, G.-J.; Claeys, P.; Witbaard, R. (2023). Tracing timing of growth in cultured molluscs using strontium spiking. Front. Mar. Sci. 10: 1157929.
    Mojtahid, M.; Depuydt, P.; Mouret, A.; Le Houedec, S.; Fiorini, S.; Chollet, S.; Massol, F.; Dohou, F.; Filipsson, H.L.; Boer, W.; Reichart, G.-J.; Barras, C. (2023). Assessing the impact of different carbonate system parameters on benthic foraminifera from controlled growth experiments. Chem. Geol. 623: 121396.
  • 2022
    Boer, W.; Nordstad, S.; Weber, M.; Mertz-Kraus, R.; Hönisch, B.; Bijma, J.; Raitzsch, M.; Wilhelms-Dick, D.; Foster, G.L.; Goring-Harford, H.; Nürnberg, D.; Hauff, F.; Kuhnert, H.; Lugli, F.; Spero, H.; Rosner, M.; van Gaever, P.; de Nooijer, L.J.; Reichart, G.-J. (2022). New calcium carbonate nano‐particulate pressed powder pellet (NFHS‐2‐NP) for LA‐ICP‐OES, LA‐(MC)‐ICP‐MS and µXRF. Geostand. Geoanal. Res. 46(3): 411-432.
  • 2019
    Mojtahid, M.; Hennekam, R.; de Nooijer, L.J.; Reichart, G.-J.; Jorissen, F.; Boer, W.; Le Houedec, S.; de Lange, G.J. (2019). Evaluation and application of foraminiferal element/calcium ratios: Assessing riverine fluxes and environmental conditions during sapropel S1 in the Southeastern Mediterranean. Mar. Micropaleontol. 153: 101783.
  • 2017
    van Dijk, I.; de Nooijer, L.J.; Boer, W.; Reichart, G.-J. (2017). Sulfur in foraminiferal calcite as a potential proxy for seawater carbonate ion concentration. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 470: 64-72.
  • 2016
    Mezger, E.M.; de Nooijer, L.J.; Boer, W.; Brummer, G.-J.A.; Reichart, G.-J. (2016). Salinity controls on Na incorporation in Red Sea planktonic foraminifera. Paleoceanography 31(12): 1562–1582.
  • 2015
    Coughlan, M.; Wheeler, A.J.; Dorschel, B.; Lordan, C.; Boer, W.; van Gaever, P.; de Haas, H.; Mörz, T. (2015). Record of anthropogenic impact on the Western Irish Sea mud belt. Anthropocene 9: 56-69.
  • 2014
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  • 2013
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  • 2012
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  • 2011
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