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  • Physical Oceanography
  • Internal waves
  • Turbulent mixing processes
  • High-resolution ocean observations

Dr. Hans van Haren

Senior Scientist

Within the scientific discipline of physical oceanography my interest focuses on the dynamical effects of density variations, ranging from diapycnal mixing via modification of oscillatory currents to internal waves. Over the years my research was always based on the analysis of measurements obtained at sea, with emphasis on those from moored instrumentation.

Through the development of specialized instrumentation of high-resolution temperature sensors in tight collaboration with NIOZ technicians, my research interest extended to very high-frequency nonlinear fronts of internal waves and their impact on deep-ocean mixing. This led to various searches on internal wave breaking over diverse sloping bottom topography, including sediment-internal wave interactions.

The effects of internal wave mixing on deep-sea life led to some new observations on very deep plankton migration following the moon and sun at depths where not a glimpse of surface light penetrates.

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Thursday 13 August 2020
Testing a 70 m mooring construction for deep sea research on land
For his deep sea research on underwater waves NIOZ scientist Hans van Haren has developed, together with the technicians of the National Marine Facilities department, a large mooring construction. Before shipping it to the Mediterranean Sea in…
Friday 29 November 2019
Successful mooring recovery from Challenger Deep (Mariana Trench)
In November 2019, physical oceanographer Hans van Haren, electro technician Martin Laan and mechanical engineer Yvo Witte of the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research recovered their 7 kilometers long mooring line from the deepest point…
Thursday 12 April 2018
Miljoeneninvestering in neutrinotelescoop KM3NeT
De Nederlandse deelname aan neutrinotelescoop KM3NeT ontvangt een investeringssubsidie van 12,7 miljoen euro. KM3NeT is een van de tien gehonoreerde toponderzoeksfaciliteiten in NWO’s ‘Nationale Roadmap Grootschalige Wetenschappelijke…
Thursday 12 January 2017
Leven in de Marianentrog
De Marianentrog in de Grote Oceaan is met elf kilometer het diepste punt op aarde. Het is er koud en donker, maar toch leven er dieren, dankzij de bewegingen van het water. Met ultra gevoelige meetinstrumenten onderzoekt oceanograaf Hans van Haren…

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Wednesday 06 March 2024
NIOZ@SEA | Final recovery of 3D high-precision temperature array
After several years of preparation, a team of NIOZ-NMF constructed a large mooring array in the harbor of La Seyne-sur-mer (Toulon, France) in 8 days of October 2020. The compacted array of 45 instrumented lines mounted on a steel cable grid inside a…
Wednesday 07 October 2020
NIOZ@SEA | Assembling a 3D high-precision temperature array
Follow NIOZ scientist Hans van Haren and a team of technicians while assembling an impressive 3D high-precision temperature array in the harbour of La Seyne sur Mer, near Toulon. The deployment consists of a 70 m diameter large ring, containing 3000…
Monday 11 February 2019
Antarctic expedition FePhyrus II
Wat hebben ijzer en virus-infecties in Antarctica met elkaar te maken? We zijn op expeditie in de Zuidelijke Oceaan en de Weddellzee om dit uit te zoeken. Volg onze avonturen in de winter van 2018/2019 via deze blog! ~~~~ English version below ~~~~

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