Hans van Haren with colleagues at work in the field near NIOZ. Photo: Evalien Weterings
On a field near NIOZ, the construction is put together to test whether everything fits. (Drone video by Hung-An Tian, NIOZ PhD student)
Build up in the harbor, the floating ring will be towed to position and sunk to the sea floor contolled by a custom made parachute (picture below). The compacted lines will unfold via automatic release of the top-buoys after 5 days at the seafloor (picture on the right).
The construction will be lowered to 2500 m water depth, at the foot of the southern French continental slope of the Mediterranean, an area known for various currents and turbulent eddies. The location is next to the underwater neutrino telescopes KM3NeT and ANTARES. 
Package of high-precision temperature sensors  and close-up. Photo: Rob Buiter