Sabine Gollner

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Ocean Systems (OCS)
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Linked publications

  • 2016
    Gollner, S.; Stuckas, H.; Kihara, T.C.; Kihara, S.; Kodami, S.; Martinez Arbizu, P. (2016). Mitochondrial DNA Analyses Indicate High Diversity, Expansive Population Growth andHigh Genetic Connectivity of Vent Copepods (Dirivultidae) across Different Oceans. PLoS One 11(10): e0163776.
  • 2015
    Gollner, S.; Govenar, B.; Fisher, C.R.; Bright, M. (2015). Size matters at deep-sea hydrothermal vents: different diversity and habitat fidelity patterns of meio- and macrofauna. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 520: 57-66.
    Gollner, S.; Govenar, B.; Martinez Arbizu, P.; Mills, S.; Le Bris, N.; Weinbauer, M.; Shank, T.M.; Bright, M. (2015). Differences in recovery between deep-sea hydrothermal vent and vent-proximate communities after a volcanic eruption. Deep-Sea Res., Part 1, Oceanogr. Res. Pap. 106: 167–182.
    Plum, C.; Gollner, S.; Martinez Arbizu, P.; Bright, M. (2015). Diversity and composition of the copepod communities associated with megafauna around a cold seep in the Gulf of Mexico with remarks on species biogeography. Mar. Biodiv. 45(3): 419-432.
  • 2014
    Paterson, G.L.J.; Menot, L.; Colaço, A.; Glover, A.G.; Gollner, S.; Kaiser, S.; Gebruk, A.V.; Janssen, A.; Silva, M.C.A.; Janssen, F.; Sahling, H; Felden, J.; Martinez, P.A. (2014). Biogeography and connectivity in deep-sea habitats with mineral resource potential : a gap analysis. Deliverable 4.2. MIDAS. [S.n.]: [s.l.]. 46 pp.