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Sharyn Ossebaar

Senior Research Assistant
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Ocean Systems (OCS)
Senior Research Assistant

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Thursday 01 June 2017
Tijdschrift special over Nederlands Antarctisch Onderzoek
Het Dirck Gerritsz laboratorium is het eerste Nederlandse laboratorium op Antarctica. Het werd in januari 2013 feestelijk geopend door het Ministerie van OCW, als resultaat van goede samenwerking met de British Antarctic Survey (BAS). Na vier jaar…
Friday 13 January 2017
NIOZ research vessel in the Caribbean
NIOZ organised an expedition to the Saba Bank aboard the research vessel Pelagia from 19th August to 8th September 2016. Thirteen scientists from NIOZ, Wageningen Marine Research, TU Delft, UvA and Utrecht University set out to investigate how…
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Sunday 28 May 2017
NIOZ@Sea: Whittard Canyon Expedition
The unknown role of Submarine canyons – Pathways or sinks for Organic Carbon? Follow the blogs of NIOZ researchers aboard R.V. Pelagia as they cruise the Whittard Canyon complex situated in the Bay of Biscay.

NIOZ publications

  • 2017
    Bown, J.; Laan, P. ; Ossebaar, S.; Bakker, K.; Rozema, P.; de Baar, H. (2017). Bioactive trace metal time series during Austral summer in Ryder Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 139: 103-119.
    Canário, J.; Santos-Echeandia, J.; Padeiro, A.; Amaro, E.; Strass, V.; Klaas, C.; Hoppema, M.; Ossebaar, S.; Koch, B.P.; Laglera, L.M. (2017). Mercury and methylmercury in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 138: 52-62.
    Cheah, W.; Soppa, M.A.; Wiegmann, S.; Ossebaar, S.; Laglera, L.M.; Strass, V.H.; Santos-Echeandía, J.; Hoppema, M.; Wolf-Gladrow, D.; Bracher, A. (2017). Importance of deep mixing and silicic acid in regulating phytoplankton biomass and community in the iron-limited Antarctic Polar Front region in summer. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 138: 74-85.
    Hoppe, C.J.M.; Klaas, C.; Ossebaar, S.; Soppa, M.A.; Cheah, W.; Laglera, L.M.; Santos-Echeandia, J.; Rost, B.; Wolf-Gladrow, D.A.; Bracher, A.; Hoppema, M.; Strass, V. (2017). Controls of primary production in two phytoplankton blooms in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 139: 63–73.
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    Jones, E.M.; Fenton, M.; Meredith, M.P.; Clargo, N.M.; Ossebaar, S.; Ducklow, H.W.; Venables, H.J.; De Baar, H.J.W. (2017). Ocean acidification and calcium carbonate saturation states in the coastal zone of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 139: 181-194.
    Jones, E.M.; Hoppema, M.; Strass, V.; Hauck, J.; Salt, L.; Ossebaar, S.; Klaas, C.; van Heuven, S.; Wolf-Gladrow, D.; Stöven, T.; de Baar, H.J.W. (2017). Mesoscale features create hotspots of carbon uptake in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Deep-Sea Res., Part II, Top. Stud. Oceanogr. 138: 39-51.
  • 2015
    Aoyama, M.; Bakker, K.; van Ooijen, J.; Ossebaar, S.; Woodward, E.M.S. (2015). Report from an International Nutrient Workshop focusing on Phosphate Analysis. Yang Yang Publisher: Fukushima, Japan. ISBN 9784908583018. 78 pp.
    Rijkenberg, M.J.; de Baar, H.J.W.; Bakker, K.; Gerringa, L.J.A.; Keijzer, E.; Laan, M.; Laan, P.; Middag, R.; Ober, S.; van Ooijen, J.; Ossebaar, S.; van Weerlee, E.M.; Smit, M. (2015). “PRISTINE”, a new high volume sampler for ultraclean sampling of trace metals and isotopes. Mar. Chem. 177(Part 3): 501–509.

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Eric Wagemaakers
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research - Ocean and Coastal Research
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1 Oct 2008 - 1 Dec 2015