Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
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Tenure track Scientist
  • Global and regional sea-level change
  • Climate change
  • Detection & Attribution of the underlying causes of sea-level change
  • Contributions to sea-level change from land ice, ocean, atmosphere, solid Earth
  • Coastal impacts of sea-level change


Aimee Slangen in EenVandaag. Foto: EenVandaag

Dr. Aimée Slangen

Tenure track Scientist

Research interests

My primary  research interest is (regional) sea-level change as a consequence of climate change. I like to take a broad approach and study both global and regional sea-level change, include as many contributions as possible and look both at the recent past (20th century) and at projecting future changes for 21st century and beyond. At NIOZ my research focuses on understanding and projecting (regional) sea-level changes, and on translating these to the coastal/delta/estuarine environment.

About me

I started at the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research in January 2017 as a tenure track researcher. Within the Department of Estuarine & Delta Systems (EDS) I am responsible for the research with a focus on sea-level change, both in the open ocean and at the coast. I am also part of the NIOZ Sea Level Centre of expertise. I am a lead author on the forthcoming IPCC AR6 report, on the chapter on Oceans, Cryosphere and Sea Level Change. Before coming to NIOZ, I did a PhD at IMAU (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and postdocs at CSIRO Ocean and Atmosphere (Hobart, Australia) and IMAU.


PhD students:

Tim Hermans (Jan 2018-Dec 2021)

Carolina Camargo (Jan 2019-Dec 2022) - Funded by NWO gebruikersondersteuning Ruimteonderzoek

MSc students:

Maryse Charpentier (April - Aug 2018)


For more information about my research, links to my publications and updates of my activities, go to or follow me on twitter @AimeeSlangen.

Linked news

Tuesday 10 March 2020
NWO ENW Groot award for a HIgh-Resolution approach for ice Shelf instability (HiRISE)
Antarctica is the single largest unknown in the current projections of sea level rise. For a large part, this is due to the uncertainty of how ice shelves will evolve in a changing climate. The HiRISE consortium, which consists of TUDelft, IMAU,…
Tuesday 26 November 2019
Interdisciplinary research predicts migration caused by sea level rise
Governmental policy will be necessary to start up emigration from coastal areas that are endangered by sea level rise. The question which policy is most effective can be tested in a model that takes into account sea level rise, migration and…
Wednesday 13 June 2018
Koraalriffen houden tempo verwachte zeespiegelstijging niet bij
Veel koraalriffen, met name in de Caribische Zee en de Indische Oceaan, zullen niet snel genoeg groeien om de verwachte zeespiegelstijging bij te houden, waardoor veel tropische kusten en laaggelegen eilanden komen bloot te staan aan meer erosie en…
Tuesday 05 December 2017
Totale range zeespiegelstijging groter dan gedacht
De totale range van zeespiegelstijging blijkt groter dan gedacht. Binnen 80 jaar kan een regionale stijging van 1,8 meter niet worden uitgesloten, door afname van de massa van de Antarctische ijskap. Dit concluderen onderzoekers van onder andere…
Monday 10 July 2017
Zeespiegelstijging stelt Nederlandse kust vaker op de proef bij storm
De Nederlandse kust zal op jaarbasis steeds vaker te maken krijgen met extreem hoog water vanwege klimaatverandering. Dat blijkt uit een nieuwe risicoanalyse waaraan het Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee (NIOZ) heeft bijgedragen.…

NIOZ publications

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