Aimée Slangen

Tenure track Scientist
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+31 (0)113 577 450
Tenure track Scientist

Sea-Level Change

My primary  research interest is (regional) sea-level change as a consequence of climate change. I like to take a broad approach and study both global and regional sea-level change, include as many contributions as possible and look both at the recent past (20th century) and at projecting future changes. At NIOZ my research focuses on understanding and projecting (regional) sea-level changes, and on translating these to the coastal/delta/estuarine environment.

I have been working at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) since January 2017 as a tenure track researcher in the Department of Estuarine & Delta Systems (EDS). Before that, I did a PhD at IMAU (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and postdocs at CSIRO (Hobart, Australia) and IMAU.

For more information about my research, and updates of my activities, go to or follow me on twitter @AimeeSlangen 


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