Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research


Friday 27 March 2020
Derde Natuurwijzer met NIOZ oceanograaf Sjoerd Groeskamp
In de Natuurwijzer van 29 maart op Radio Texel spreekt Sjoerd Groeskamp, geboren Texelaar en oceanograaf bij het NIOZ, met radiomaker en schrijver Mathijs Deen.
Thursday 26 March 2020
Animals keep viruses in the sea in balance
A variety of sea animals can take up virus particles while filtering seawater for oxygen and food. Sponges are particularly efficient. That was written by marine ecologist Jennifer Welsh from NIOZ this week, in a publication in Scientific Reports.…
Wednesday 25 March 2020
Every little bit helps battle the COVID-19 virus; the NIOZ has donated its protective lab materials to the Red Cross
In recent days, NIOZ employees in the laboratories have made an inventory of the stocks of protective materials that can be used in the fight against the Corona virus. Today the following items were sent to the national assembly point of the Red…
Thursday 19 March 2020
Q&A measures Coronavirus
These Questions & Answers are based on the previous updates which have been posted on the intranet and were sent to NIOZ employees by email. If you have other questions, please contact your manager or send an e-mail to: You will…
Monday 16 March 2020
As of Tuesday 17 March 2020 NIOZ locations are closed due to Corona virus
As of Tuesday 17 March 2020 NIOZ locations are closed due to the measures taken to restrict the spread of Corona virus. All employees will work from their homes and can be reached by email and telephone | Vanwege het Coronavirus zijn de NIOZ-gebouwen…
Tuesday 10 March 2020
NWO ENW Groot award for a HIgh-Resolution approach for ice Shelf instability (HiRISE)
Antarctica is the single largest unknown in the current projections of sea level rise. For a large part, this is due to the uncertainty of how ice shelves will evolve in a changing climate. The HiRISE consortium, which consists of TUDelft, IMAU,…
Monday 09 March 2020
Tweede natuurwijzer met oceanografe Furu Mienis op zondag 15 maart
In de aflevering van Natuurwijzer op zondag 15 maart praat radiomaakster Tessel Blok met marien geoloog Furu Mienis van het NIOZ.
Monday 02 March 2020
UU-NIOZ-Leiden consortium receives Nanoplastics NWO ENW Groot award
A multidisciplinary research team will investigate the origin, structure and fate of nanoplastics in aquatic environments. Prof. dr. Linda Amaral-Zettler from NIOZ/UvA will lead one of the five workpackages for this NWO ENW Groot project with Prof.…
Friday 21 February 2020
Launch of the Marine Microbiome Roadmap
In Brussels on 5th February at a meeting of the AORA Marine Microbiome group at the Skeikampen, Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre the AORA Marine Microbiome Roadmap has been launched. NIOZ researcher Henk Bolhuis joined the team who put this together.…
Thursday 13 February 2020
A real global player: Previously unrecognised bacteria may be a key group in marine sediments
From the shoreline to the deep sea, one group of bacteria is particularly widespread in our planet’s seabed: The so-called Woeseiales, which may be feeding on the protein remnants of dead cells. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Marine…