Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

MSc. Roeland Bom

Guest researcher
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+31 (0)222 369 541
Guest researcher
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Theunis Piersma

NIOZ publications

  • 2017
    Bom, R.A.; de Fouw, J; Klaassen, R.H.G.; Piersma, T.; Lavaleye, M.S.S.; Ens, B.J.; Oudman, T.; van Gils, J.A. (2017). Food web consequences of an evolutionary arms race: Molluscs subject to crab predation on intertidal mudflats in Oman are unavailable to shorebirds. J. Biogeogr. Early View.
  • 2016
    de Fouw, J; Bom, R.A.; Klaassen, R.H.G.; Müskens, G.J. D. M.; de Vries, P.P.; Popov, I.Y.; Kokorev, Y.I.; Ebbinge, B.S.; Nolet, B.A. (2016). Breeding in a den of thieves: pros and cons of nesting close to egg predators. Ecosphere 7(6): e01353.
  • 2014
    Bom, R.A.; Abma, J.F.; Pieters, A.L. (2014). Doortrek van Bokjes in Laag Holland. Limosa (Amst.) 86: 209-216
    Bom, R.A.; Bouten, W.; Piersma, T.; Oosterbeek, K.; van Gils, J.A. (2014). Optimizing acceleration-based ethograms: the use of variable-time versus fixed-time segmentation. Movement Ecology 2(6): 1-8.
    Ens, B.J.; Bom, R.A.; Dokter, A.M.; Oosterbeek, K.; Jong, J.D.; Bouten, W. (2014). Nieuwe ontdekkingen en mogelijkheden in het onderzoek aan Scholeksters dankzij het UvA Bird Tracking Systeem. Limosa (Amst.) 87: 117-128
  • 2012
    Shamoun-Baranes, J.; Bom, R.; van Loon, E.E.; Ens, B.J.; Oosterbeek, K.; Bouten, W. (2012). From Sensor Data to Animal Behaviour: An Oystercatcher Example. PLoS One 7(5): e37997.

Linked projects

NWO-ALW Cascading predator-prey effects in a pristine seagrass-based food web
Jan van Gils
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research
Project duration
1 Oct 2010 - 30 Sep 2017