NIOZ-SQU cooperation 
The Bar-tailed Godwit transmitter project is the result of a collaboration between Royal NIOZ and the Sultan Qaboos University. Project leaders at NIOZ are Dr. Jan van Gils and en Prof. Dr. Theunis Piersma while PhD student Roeland Bom coordinates the tracking research. The purpose of this study is to learn and understand more about the migration of Bar-tailed Godwits along the West Asia-East African flyway. More specifically, the demands of Bar-tailed Godwits on their habitat is investigated.

Barr Al Hikman 
The Barr Al Hikman environment is similar to the Wadden Sea in the sense that it is also an important nursery ground and food area for shrimp, crabs, fish, and waders. The NIOZ and the Sultan Qaboos University research project aims for an advanced understanding of the ecological processes that are shaping this unique wetland area in the Middle East. The results are shared via an users-friendly website with the intention to raise awareness of the international importance of intertidal coastal ecosystems such as Barr Al Hikman.

More information

Bar-tailed Godwits now be followed live

Scientific contact persons:
Roeland Bom

Communication contact:
Jan Boon (also for pictures in high resolution)