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Senior Scientist

David Thieltges

Senior Scientist


  • Marine ecology & ecological parasitology
  • Parasites in marine ecosystems
  • Global change and parasitism
  • Parasite biogeography and macroecology
  • Ecology of the Wadden Sea

Research interests

I am a marine ecologist with a soft spot for parasites. My research revolves around understanding the ecological role of parasites in marine ecosystems on various spatial and organizational scales.

Using lab and field experimental approaches, my research group studies the effects of parasites on marine host individuals, populations and communities. We are also interested in how parasites influence the topology and dynamics of food webs. Another line of research aims to understand the patterns and processes underlying infections of marine hosts. This includes work on the role of ambient biodiversity in affecting parasite transmission and disease risk as well as studies on the effects of global changes such as rising temperatures and biological invasions on marine parasites and their hosts. Finally, we study large-scale patterns of parasitism using literature-based datasets and biogeographical and macroecologial approaches in order to understand the forces that have shaped parasitism in the sea.



Since 2015: Lecturer in the Marine Biology MSc programme of the University of Groningen (NL)

Since 2010: Research scientist at NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea research (NL)

2007-2010: DFG Postdoc fellowship at the University of Otago (NZ)

2006/2007: DAAD Postdoc fellowship at the Aarhus University (DK)



Please find a complete list of my NIOZ-publications at the bottom of this webpage or on ResearcherID. You can download pdfs of my publications on ResearchGate. I also have a Google Scholar account.

Please note:

Special issue published in 2016 based on an international NIOZ–AWI symposium held on Texel NL from 10–14 March 2014: ‘Ecology and evolution of marine parasites and diseases’. Co-edited together with Mathias Wegner (AWI, D).

Trilateral (DK, D, NL) report describing and evaluating the current ecological status of the Wadden Sea: Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2017. Contribution of thematic report and member of Editorial Board.

Covered by others

Our work covered in WadWeten (in Dutch):

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Japanse oester kwam niet met lege handen aan

Our work covered in science blogs (in English)

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Biogeography Bits
The Stochastic Scientist
Parasitologyblog |
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Hook, Line, and Sinker - Sarah's Blog (including her MSc thesis work with us)


Professional education

2006: PhD in Ecology (summa cum laude), Christian Albrechts University Kiel & Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Wadden Sea Station Sylt (D)

1993-2001: MSc/Diplom in Biology (summa cum laude), major in zoology/ecology and minors in conservation biology, evolution & systematics and philosophy, Philipps University Marburg (D)

1996/97: Visiting student for an academic year (ecology, evolution, palaeontology and history of science), University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Awards and Prizes

2007: DFG Postdoc fellowship for a three years stay at the University of Otago (NZ)

2006: DAAD Postdoc fellowship for a 9 months stay at Aarhus University (DK)


Research Group

Jennifer Welsh - PhD student. Project 'Biodiversity and disease risk in marine ecosystems'; in collaboration with Corina Brussaard (NIOZ). Promotor: Jaap van der Meer (NIOZ, VU).

Jeffrey Knol - MSc student. Project ‘Spillback effects of invasive oysters in mussels’, Groningen University, NL

Mark Bouwmeester - MSc student. Project ‘Multiple predator effects on parasites and prey’, Groningen University, NL

Lotte Geerlings - MSc student. Project ‘Community ecology of trematodes in Littorina species’, University of Wageningen, NL

Tjibbe Stelwagen - MSc student. Project ‘Biogeographical patterns in cockle parasites', Groningen University, NL

Tom van Splunter - MSc student. Project 'Biodiversity and disease risk', Leiden University, NL 

Former PhD students

Anouk Goedknegt (2017) Thesis title: 'Pacific oysters and parasites: species invasions and their impact on parasite-host interactions', defense at the Free University Amsterdam (VU), The Netherlands. Promotor: Jaap van der Meer  

Former MSc students

Former MSc students Wouter Koch (RUG Groningen, NL), Tabea Stier (University Hohenheim, D), Marieke Feis (RUG Groningen, NL), Reinier Nauta (RUG Groningen, NL), Jarco Havermans (RUG Groningen, NL), Anne Karin Schuster (University of Landau, D), Marin van Regteren (RUG Groningen, NL), Caroline Liddell (Wageningen University, NL), Annabelle Dairain (Pierre et Marie Curie College Parais, F), David Shoesmith (RUG Groningen, NL), Boukje Heidstra (RUG Groningen, NL), Sarah Bedolfe (RUG Groningen, NL), Eeke Haanstra (RUG Groningen, NL), Romy Cartiere (University of Amsterdam, NL), Luca Prins (University of Wageningen, NL)

Former interns & visitors

Anke Hempel (D), Mirjana Markovic (D), Estefania Velilla (NL), Karlos Ribeiro de Moraes (BR), Wiem Boussellaa (PhD student; Sfax University, Tunisia), David Bello Jimenez (University of Malaga, E), Nadine Bleile (University of Freiburg, D)

MSc projects

Various research projects for MSc students are available all year round. They range from field studies over field and lab experiments to literature-based  approaches. Please contact me for more details or check the NIOZ internship webpages.


I am curently teaching in several courses in the Marine Biology MSc (and BSc) programme of the University of Groningen: Principles of Marine Biology; Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Organisms; Marine Biology Research

In addition, I teach in the NIOZ Marine Masters Summer Course and give internal courses on proposal writing for PhDs and Postdocs at NIOZ.

Editorial Boards

Journal of the Marine Biological Association UK (since 2016)

Journal of Sea Rearch (since 2010)

Marine Biology Research (since 2009)

Wadden Sea Quality Status Report (since 2015)

International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife (from 2012-2016)


Linked news

Thursday 01 February 2018
Wadden Sea World Heritage launched Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2017
The new Wadden Sea Quality Status Report (QSR) is now available. Over the course of two years, more than 100 scientists have reviewed and evaluated the current ecological status of the entire Wadden Sea based on a trilateral monitoring programme…
Friday 27 October 2017
Exotische Japanse oester vriend en vijand van Waddenzeebewoners
Exoten vormen wereldwijd een bedreiging voor mariene ecosystemen. Deze invasieve soorten die door menselijk handelen (aquacultuur, scheepsvracht) in een nieuw gebied komen, gaan de strijd aan met inheemse soorten: ze vreten ze op of overwoekeren…

NIOZ publications

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David Thieltges
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31 Dec 2011 - 30 Aug 2020