Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Fieldwork experiences

Many large projects such as WATLAS, SIBES, SWIMWAY and Wadden Mosaic are running in the Wadden Sea region and are inextricably linked to long-term ecological time series. Much of the research is done in the field by researchers, research assistants and many volunteers. Such as the daily emptying of the NIOZ fyke,  the colour-ringing and tagging of birds and all kinds of experiments in and under the water. A selection of fieldwork experiences. 

Wadden Mosaic fieldwork Determining the condition of the underwater nature in the Wadden Sea
NIOZ fyke fieldwork Experiences and problems with the NIOZ fyke nets and strange passersby
Tracking shorebirds Before birds can be tracked, they must first be captured and tagged
WATLAS fieldwork With WATLAS, we follow where birds go in the western Dutch Wadden Sea.
Tracking Spoonbills Tracking juvenile spoonbills during their first southward migration