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Tuesday 02 October 2018
NIOZ@SEA | Ecologisch onderzoek in de Nederlandse delta’s
De ecosystemen in de Oosterschelde, Grevelingen en Haringvliet zijn aan het veranderen door de invloed van onze Deltawerken, maar ook door klimaatverandering. In de Oosterschelde verdrinken de zandplaten langzaam door zandhonger, de bodem in het…
Wednesday 26 September 2018
Waddentrekkers | Wadden Flyways 9
Zo heel af en toe komen er nog signalen van twee gezenderde kanoeten binnen: één vanuit de Banc d’Arguin in Mauritanië en één vanuit steeds hetzelfde plekje in het zuiden van Marokko. Onderzoeksleider Theunis Piersma is nuchter genoeg om te weten wat…
Sunday 26 August 2018
NIOZ@SEA | GEOMAR | Red Sea project SaltAx
Large parts of the Red Sea rift valley are covered by flows of submarine salt and sediment which, in contrast to most other mid-ocean rifts worldwide, makes the direct observation of the volcanism and ocean floor formation impossible for most parts…
Tuesday 21 August 2018
NIOZ@SEA | Black Sea cruise 2018
The Black Sea is the largest permanently stratified low oxygen basin in the world and its water column is characterized by the presence of multiple redox gradients. This is an ideal setting to determine the physiology and role of microbes that do not…
Wednesday 08 August 2018
NIOZ@SEA | Saharan dust in the Mediterranean
Research expedition 64PE443 onboard RV Pelagia takes place from 9 to 13 August 2018 and is dedicated to recovering a set of geodetic instruments that have been recording sea-floor movements related to the activity of Mount Etna, as well as to…
Monday 06 August 2018
Blog NIOZ@Sea | Microplastics Transit Cruise
RV Pelagia cruise 64PE442 takes advantage of a transit leg from Praia de Vitória, Terceira Island in the Azores to Catania on the Island of Sicily to collect samples of plastic marine debris, phytoplankton, and other particles and to compare…
Friday 20 July 2018
Hidden secrets in the North Sea: An expedition addressing sea-level rise, oxygen loss and microbial breakdown of methane
The North Sea still hides many secrets. A joint team of researchers from the Royal NIOZ Sea Research, TNO, Deltares, Utrecht University and VU University Amsterdam set out on an expedition with the research vessel Pelagia to answer some questions…
Monday 09 July 2018
Education@NIOZ: Marine Masters Summer Course 2018
This July, the NIOZ Marine Masters Summer Course already takes place for the 10th time. Thirty-one master & advanced bachelor students from Dutch, German, Belgian, Swedish and Austrian universities dive into the world of multidisciplinary marine…
Wednesday 04 July 2018
Saharan dust at the source
In their new paper, Michèlle van der Does and colleagues show how the so-called radiogenic isotopes of Sr, Nd, and Hf, as well as a suite of rare-earth elements can be used to demonstrate the Saharan origin of sediments collected while sinking…
Thursday 31 May 2018
Ballasting potential of Saharan dust
In their new paper, Helga van der Jagt (AWI-Bremerhaven, Germany) and colleagues show how Saharan dust particles and marine snow can increase the export of organic matter from the surface ocean towards the sea floor. This process is essential for the…