Wednesday 10 June 2020: Navicula left Texel after 3 months of lockdown

Leaving the NIOZ harbor and setting up the lab container to sample microbial communities in surface water of the Wadden sea. Ready and excited to do some hands-on science again!

RV Navicula left Texel at 08.15 this morning. Photo: NIOZ Lab with a view, photo: NIOZ
Thursday 11 June 2020 : A brief update from the Navicula.

We have half our samples in by now and going strong. The sampling and processing runs smoothly. When we go on deck the seagulls still come looking if we have fish, but we always have to disappoint them ...
In the video below, made by Bram Fey,  you see how Tim is sampling water with the Niskin bottle.

A CTD measurement from our sampling location. No stratification in the water column and warm Wadden Sea water. Photo: NIOZ, Julia Engelmann Our treat for a long sampling day yesterday, a beautiful sunset! Photo: NIOZ, Julia Engelmann
Friday 11th June 2020: Final day 

What a smooth cruise! We collected all 48 samples as planned without any technical issues or sea sickness. Thanks to an awesome and efficient team, Pierre and Tim, and super supportive crew, Bram and Hein! We are now sailing back to Texel.


Pierre 'harvesting' one of the last filters with microbial communities from the water. Photo: NIOZ, Julia Engelmann Pierre collecting water early in the morning.Photo: NIOZ, Julia Engelmann Sampling completed! Sound and safe back on Texel. Thanks to a great team and everyone who helped us make the cruise happen! Photo: NIOZ, Julia Engelmann