Front view of the RV Wim Wolff with the pipe tunnel in the middle  (behind the ladder), photo: FH

Before the hull can be launched, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards aims to have completed as much of the ‘hot work’ on the hull as possible. In addition to welding the hull sections, this includes the installation of ladderways, catwalks, bollards, railings, foundations, leak basins, etc. Dijkstra has also started work on the first pipelines, the installation of the HVAC system, the first cable ducts and pressurising the tanks. The shipyard and the carpenter are now discussing details such as the layout of the wet and dry labs, so that they can start work on the interiors.

Status at the end of September. The sections from which the hull of the RV Wim Wolff is being built, with in orange sections that are ready and are or have been put together; in dark green loose sections that are ready; in light green the sections being worked on ©FH

The shipyard believes that the launch of the RV Wim Wolff hull at Dijkstra and transport to TBSY elsewhere in Harlingen should take place sometime in late November. The plan is to complete the rest of the vessel by the summer of 2023, but this is not a hard deadline due to the general uncertainty in the world and possible delays in the delivery of components.