Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

RV Wim Wolff

In January 2021, the NWO-I Foundation Board approved the tendering for the research vessel RV Wim Wolff. This vessel will replace the RV Navicula, which has completed 40 years of reliable service on the Wadden Sea and in the Zeeland delta.  After a careful selection process, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in the north of the Netherlands was chosen to construct the vessel. They construction process takes about two years. The vessel is named after Wadden ecologist Wim Wolff, who played an instrumental role in international mudflat research.  

RV Wim Wolff will be delivered early 2024. It will then complete a series of test trips before it takes over the activities of RVNavicula. You can follow the construction of the RV Wim Wolff via the timeline below, by subscribing to the newsletter (at the bottom of the linked page) or via social media @ResearchFleetNL. 

In the online magazine you can read more information on the replacement of the three national research vessels. Find all the collected background stories, reports on the design and construction of this fleet, photos and videos. 


Preparations & design RV Wim Wolff has been designed by interviewing the main users, de crew and the entire Dutch marine research community. Read more...
Technical specifications RV Wim Wolff has a limited draught and possibility to beach. Also a larger capacity, as efficient and green as possible with mininum maintenance. Read more...
News & images Here you can find press releases, newspages, illustrations, photos and videos on the construction of RV Wim Wolff. Read more...