This new vessel will bring science to the heart of the Wadden Sea and Zeeland delta.

    Henk Brinkhuis
Impression of RV Wim Wolff

NWO-I director Miriam Luizink: “I am pleased that with the arrival of the RV Wim Wolff, top-level marine research in Dutch waters for the coming decades has been safeguarded with a modern and sustainable research vessel. With the superb infrastructure, the entire field of Dutch marine science has the facilities it needs for research in the Wadden Sea and Dutch coastal waters.”

Henk Brinkhuis, director of NIOZ, indicates how important it is that the construction of this vessel can be started now. “The new vessel meets the current and future needs of Dutch science. It safeguards the continuity of marine research in coastal areas and deltas in a sustainable manner. The state-of-the-art RV Wim Wolff is comparable with the current RV Navicula, but is equipped with larger laboratories and more accommodation for the researchers. This allows us to facilitate a larger research portfolio with a greater range of possibilities for research. We can also contribute to capacity building, in other words, give young talented researchers the opportunity to join trips and take part in the research.” 

 Project manager Alex Cofino and project adviser Rint de Vries looking at the drawings of RV Wim Wolff

The new vessel also offers possibilities for maritime research and innovations for sustainable shipping. Alex Cofino, project manager of the fleet replacement and head of the NMF department, explains this. “With this vessel, we are approaching our high level ambition for sustainability with ‘zero emissions’, in so far as this is currently possible.” The vessel has been designed on the basis of a design brief that was put together by the current crew and a diverse range of user groups. You can read more about the design process in the interview with Henk van der Veer and Bram Fey. .

Cofino is pleased with the decisions taken. “This is the starting point for the next phase, from drawing table to construction, from basic design to details. We therefore stand at the eve of an intensive collaboration with Thecla Bodewes Shipyards. Together we will ensure that the users actually receive what they asked for.”

The vessel will be built at the Thecla Bodewes Shipyards site in Harlingen

Thecla Bodewes is also pleased with the tender for the construction of the research vessel Wim Wolff. “It is an interesting project and also a great addition to our portfolio. Both the functionality of the research vessel and the green, sustainable approach are principles that we have great affinity with. The philosophy behind the vessel – with the development of a sustainable diesel-electric power management system and a power pack that does not contain lithium – means that the vessel’s emissions will be minimal. In addition, the ship can easily be modified to use new technologies and energy sources without the need for any large-scale refits. In brief, we look forward to a pleasant collaboration during the development and construction of the RV Wim Wolff!”

Toast for the cooperation at Thecla Bodewes Shipyards on January 26, 2021

RV Wim Wolff will be delivered at the start of 2023 at the earliest. It will then complete a series of test trips before it takes over the activities of RV Navicula in spring 2023. You can follow the construction of the RV Wim Wolff via the digital newsletter, the timeline on the website and social media @ResearchFleetNL.