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Parasites matter

Parasites can have multiple effects on hosts and ecosystems

Parasites can have multiple direct and indirect effects on individual hosts as well as on the entire ecosystem

Expertise Wadden

Our expertise is subdivided in research areas. Within these areas you find related projects, pilots and info pages. The centre also provides extensive expertise on long-term field observations, long-term monitoring, modelling and data management. Many projects use one or more of these specific methods.  

Sediment Forms the constantly changing sea floor, the morphodynamic system of the area
Microalgae Form the base of the food web, they get their energy from the sun
Macrozoobenthos Form the matter in between primary production and birds and fish
Fish Thrive in the shallow sheltered waters of the nutrient-rich marine realm
Birds Searching for food during low tide, and rest together during high tides
Parasites Live a hidden life in or on their hosts and can affect hosts and ecosystems
Marine mammals Top predators that function as keystone species in the marine realm