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Multi-scale movements

Since the breeding season of 2008 we have tracked 79 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls breeding in the Kelderhuispolder on Wadden Island Texel. The breeding ecology in this colony has been studied since 2006. Previous work in this colony has revealed that birds rely on a variety of food resources during the breeding season.

Near real-time tracking data (last 3 days of data available per individual bird).

About this Study

The aim of this study is to quantify the foraging movements, time budgets and habitat preferences of these birds. Using this information we can conduct comparative analysis of these aspects between individuals, years, genders, breeding phases and migration. We also aim to study the energetic cost of foraging movements by incorporating information on flight strategy selection. In the future we may be able to link these characteristics to life history traits and fitness.

Tracking birds

In the breeding season of 2018 the following birds can be followed via the interactive maps both logger number and color ring code are provided as well as the year the bird was tagged:
754 FAJB (2012) 805 MASJ (2013) 871 MASM (2013) 5391 FBAN (2016) 5393 MBAA(2016) 5416 MBAD (2016) 5473 MASF (2017) 5496 MBAL (2017) 5588 MBBC (2017) 5592 FBBT (2017) 5593 FBBU (2017) 5594 MBBP (2018) 5599 MBBX (2018) 5601 FBCK (2018) 5603 MBBU (2018) 5687 MBBS (2018) 5689 MBBR (2018) 5690 FBCJ (2018) 5692 MBBW (2018) 5693 MBBL (2018) 5694 MBBN (2018)

How to use

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