Training: 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

31 October: A good first morning in Mallorca learning to use the new ocean gliders. Photo: Matthew Humphreys 31 October: First view of the new gliders. Photo: Matthew Humphreys 1 November: Today we are in the classroom all day at SOCIB HQ, starting to learn about the ocean glider control software. Photo: Matthew Humphreys 2 November: It is all about equilibrium - ballasting the glider. Photo: Furu Mienis 2 November: More ballasting. Photo: Matthew Humphreys 3 November: First ever NIOZ/NMF ocean glider deployment… here goes! Photo: Matthew Humphreys 3 November: We got the glider back after a successful mini test mission. Photo: SOCIB 4 November: Glider pilots! Great week of training. Photo: Furu Mienis

Trials: 7-10 Nov 2022

7 November: Good morning! We’re off again on the  SOCIB catamaran to begin the sea acceptance trials for the new  ocean gliders. 7 November: Wings on: ready to deploy! Photo: Matthew Humphreys 8 Nov: The babies are back! After one day in the Mediterranean deep they are safely back on deck! Photo: Marck Smit 9 November: Despite the choppy sea we successfully finished the Sea Acceptance Trials of the new NIOZ/NMF underwater gliders! Thanks a lot  Teledyne Marine and  SOCIB ! Looking forward to some cool marine science! Photo: Marck Smit