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Wednesday 16 November 2022
New modular AUV for Dutch marine research community
This week, the contract has been signed for the manufacturing of an autonomous underwater vehicle. After delivery in 2024, the AUV will greatly enhance Dutch scientific research in oceans and on the sea floor. The device can be deployed autonomous…
Saturday 04 June 2022
Measurement project for methane from the North Sea seabed started
In several places, methane escapes from the seabed of the North Sea. Methane is a strong greenhouse gas and its emission into the sea and subsequent release into the atmosphere can contribute to global warming. Recent German research suggests that…
Tuesday 07 December 2021
High tech underwater gliders provide scientists with latest ocean and climate change information
For the community of marine researchers in the Netherlands, the Royal NIOZ, Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, is obtaining three new gliders, which enable very detailed ocean water research for longer periods of time. Professor in Marine…
Thursday 23 September 2021
New, innovative equipment for national marine research
Under the leadership of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), a large consortium of national marine research and education institutes has been focusing, over the past few years, on the now necessary replacement of the national…
Tuesday 09 February 2021
Autonomous measurements of the marine carbon cycle in the North Sea
A consortium of Fugro, NIOZ and two partner companies has been granted EUR 3.3 million by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for the RoboDock project.
Friday 04 September 2020
Importance of science-based data in an exploration of deep-sea mining
The wrap-up of the ‘Blue Nodules’ project shows the importance of science-based data in the much-debated exploration of deep-sea mining. In this EU-funded project on deep-sea mining, scientific data supports engineers in the development and…
Tuesday 23 October 2018
Research Vessel Technicians Meet their Peers at Woods Hole Oceanographic
Research Vessel Marine Technicians from all over the world gathered in Woods Hole, MA, USA, on 16-18 October for their biannual Inmartech 2018 conference. Organised by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the conference was the largest to…
Friday 31 August 2018
First field trials of seabed mining project Blue Nodules successful
During a two-week trial cruise in the Gulf of Malaga on board the Spanish research vessel Sarmiento de Gamboa, technical performance and environmental effects of the mining crawler Apollo II built by IHC Mining have been successfully tested.
Thursday 08 June 2017
Successful Sea Acceptance Tests of NIOZ High Pressure Samplers for India
Last week the NIOZ deep ocean High Pressure Sampling system has successfully performed Sea Acceptance Tests on board of the Indian research vessel Sagar Nidhi.
Thursday 16 March 2017
Sea Acceptance Test Confirms Quality of NIOZ ‘Pristine’ Ultra Clean CTD
In March 2017, a Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) of the ‘Pristine’ Ultra Clean CTD-system (UCC) was successfully carried out on board of the South Korean research vessel ‘Isabu’, sailing from Guam in the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana-trench. This system…

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Wednesday 09 November 2022
BLOG New Research Fleet Equipment | Training and sea acceptance tests Slocum gliders
After the tender procedure, three Slocum gliders have been purchased from Teledyne Webb Research. The first two weeks of November 2022, a team of scientists, electrical engineers and ship technicians went to SOCIB on Mallorca for combined operational…

NIOZ publications

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