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Thursday 08 June 2017
Successful Sea Acceptance Tests of NIOZ High Pressure Samplers for India
Last week the NIOZ deep ocean High Pressure Sampling system has successfully performed Sea Acceptance Tests on board of the Indian research vessel Sagar Nidhi.
Thursday 16 March 2017
Sea Acceptance Test Confirms Quality of NIOZ ‘Pristine’ Ultra Clean CTD
In March 2017, a Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) of the ‘Pristine’ Ultra Clean CTD-system (UCC) was successfully carried out on board of the South Korean research vessel ‘Isabu’, sailing from Guam in the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana-trench. This system…
Wednesday 11 January 2017
Successful acceptance test of high pressure samplers for India
A delegation of the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) visited NIOZ for performing Acceptance Tests for their new NIOZ High Pressure Sampling system. All the tests were performed successfully.

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