By Marck Smit
Source: Hydro International

Inmartech 2018 participants. Photo: Caitlin Mandel - UNOLS

Research Vessel Marine Technicians from all over the world gathered in Woods Hole, MA, USA, on 16-18 October for their biannual Inmartech 2018 conference. Organised by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the conference was the largest to date. David Fisichella, conference chair, said ‘As research vessel technicians, we work with scientists from all over the world on our vessels, but we don’t often get to collaborate with our peers from different countries. What makes Inmartech so special to me, is the ability to collaborate with people from around the world that I would not normally collaborate with.’

A selection of the topics presented and discussed included: Latest developments in ultraclean water sampling by NIOZ, Initiative to enhance the international exchange of marine technicians by the University of Alaska, Discussion on synthetic alternatives for CTD-wires by WHOI and the Development of a 100% hydrogen zero emission research vessel by Scripps. Participants also had the possibility to meet and mingle with a wide range of suppliers of marine research equipment, and to participate in skillset sessions on a range of topics including Wire terminations or Debubbler installation and more.

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