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Head of Scientific Department

Prof. Dr. Myron Peck

Head of Scientific Department

Research interests

My research interests encompass a broad range of aspects relating to functioning and drivers of estuarine and marine species and ecosystems particularly:

  • coupling of species life history and physiology including evaluating abiotic and biotic factors impacting vital rates (growth, survival, feeding, reproduction) of populations;
  • utilisation of bioenergetics, individual-based and biophysical models to explore various issues such feeding-growth and the spatial and temporal dynamics of transport / connectivity;
  • social-ecological issues surrounding the sustainable exploitation of living marine resources and advancing aquaculture;
  • projecting the impacts of climate change and other (interacting) anthropogenic drivers to provide science-based advice needed by managers and policymakers.

My group’s research includes field, laboratory and modeling studies conducted on key members of food webs from plankton (including copepods to gelatinous species) to various life stages of estuarine and marine fish species with emphasis on early life stages of ecologically and commercially important fishes. Several ongoing research programs are utilizing spatially-explicit, biophysical modelling approaches including end-to-end models (from physics to fish to fisheries). Central to advancing an understanding of social-ecological systems includes research integrating stakeholders such as industry (transdisciplinary research).






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