Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Coastal dynamics

Within this research direction, we study how environmental changes affect the energy flows and ecological processes within the context of trophic interactions, ranging from biogeochemical to species interactions, and ultimately evolution. This research includes both spatial (from millimetres to hundreds of kilometres), and temporal dynamics (from tidal through seasonal to centennial periods). In a number of researches we work closely together with other scientific institutes.  

Mapping the underwater landscape

With Wadden Mosaic we aim to to record the variation and biodiversity in the underwater landscape of the Dutch Wadden Sea for the very first time. We also look at potential control measures for the protection and recovery of the subtidal Wadden Sea, the parts which are constantly under water. The Wadden Mosaic project runs until 2022 and is part of the larger Wadden Tools programme.  > Read more

Sampling the intertidal macrofauna with SIBES

SIBES (Synoptic Intertidal Benthic Survey) is a monitoring scheme for sampling intertidal macrofauna across the Dutch Wadden Sea. The systematic monitoring data are an essential component of many studies like WATLAS explaining how animals (birds,  fish) distribute, and how their survival prospects depend on habitat use. SIBES has set the standard for the way benthic organisms are sampled on mudflats.  > Read more