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NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is the national oceanographic institution for the Netherlands. Our mission is to conduct fundamental and frontier applied scientific research on important processes in delta areas, coastal seas and open oceans. The institute also acts as the national facility for academic marine research in the Netherlands. NIOZ facilitates and supports marine research and education in the marine sciences in the Netherlands and in Europe.


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At this moment, our institute is in reorganisation and therefore we are developing an entirely new website. In the mean time, we will make provisional changes in the current website to allow our visitors to find the right information; e.g. our new (4) scientific departments and support departments and units. We apologize for the inconvenience. Should you be lost somewhere, please send an email with your question(s) to cpr@nioz.nl and we wil try to put you on the right track again. 

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20/07/2016 14:00

Red Knot flies from Canadian breeding grounds to Wadden Sea in one go

kanoet Paula in handenOn Friday morning, 'Paula', a red knot mounted with a very small satellite transmitter, landed on de Boschplaat on the island of Terschelling, The Netherlands. She did so after leaving the most northerly breeding grounds on Earth in a non-stop flight covering 4000 km from northernmost Canada. 'This bird confirmed many existing assumptions about migration in red knots', according to PhD student Eva Kok from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ).

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11/07/2016 12:09

Marine Institute directors meet with EU Commissioner Vella at the European Marine Board in Ostend

Group picture EMBKarmenu Vella, EU  Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, met with a delegation of Marine Institute directors at the Marine Board office in Ostend, Belgium, on friday 8 July, to discuss today's and tomorrow's big ocean challenges. For NIOZ, director Henk Brinkhuis participated. Read the press release of the European Marine Board here.

Commissioner Vella also visited the EMODnet Secretariat Office in the same building to formalise the agreement with the Flemish Government to support the further development of the EMODnet European Oceanographic Datanetwork. On the ocasion, the commisioner stressed the importance of international datasharing to bring oceanography and the Blue Economy forward.  Read more here

29/06/2016 14:51

A new record in mixing of surface and deep ocean water in the Irminger Sea has important consequences for the Atlantic overturning circulation

Scientists Femke de Jong and Laura de Steur of the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have shown that the recent temperature changes in the Irminger Sea between Iceland and Greenland can be explained through regional ocean-atmosphere interaction during the cold winter of 2014-2015. This rejects a hypothesis which posed that increased meltwater from Greenland weakened deep water formation and caused the cold blob. The article by de Jong and de Steur is accepted by Geophysical Research Letters and has appeared online.

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27/06/2016 22:06

Participants of the Horizon 2020 project 'Ecopotential' meet on the shore of the Wadden Sea

Kanoeten boven 't wadEcopotential is a Horizon 2020 European research programme for internationally acknowledged conservation areas that include the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, and other areas in Europe such as the Camargue (France), the Sierra Nevada (Spain) and the Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy). The first Ecopotential General Assembly will take place from 27 to 30 June on the island of Texel, which will be transformed into a meeting point for scientists from all over Europe and beyond.

NIOZ project coordinator is Prof. Dr. Herman Hummel

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Photo: Jan van de Kam