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The European Marine Observation and Data Network - part biology

EMODnet deals with the emerging paradigm where data are collected once and used for many purposes. It comprises several subprojects, and NIOZ is involved in several of them. In EMODnet biology, the focus is on biological oceanographic data, both planktonic (water column) and benthic (sediment).

Towards an Atlas of European Marine Life

Its purpose is to assemble existing data from public and private organisations, standardise them, make them publically available and create data products. NIOZ will contribute in the development of a common method of access to biological data held in the repositories at NIOZ and will also be involved in the creation of data products – 'an atlas of European marine life'.

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19 Apr 2017 - 18 May 2019

Meet the team

Soetaert, Karline
Research Leader
Bruin de, Taco
Data Management Officer
Knuijt, Adri
Senior Research Assistant