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Blue Nodules_Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustainable Harvesting and Processing of Deep Sea Polymetallic Nodules

Blue Nodules is a research and innovation project to develop a deep sea mining system for the harvesting of polymetallic nodules from the sea floor with minimum environmental impact.

The strategic importance of a sustainable supply of raw materials to the EU has been well recognised in different strategic policy documents. The Europe 2020 Strategy highlighted the importance of this issue both within the "Industrial policy" and "Resource efficiency" Flagship initiatives, and in the associated Roadmap on Resource Efficiency. Particular importance is given to the expected supply shortages of Critical Raw Materials (CRM). CRM are vital for Europe’s innovative technologies, for the manufacture of crucial alloys and for new and innovative products like batteries for electric cars, photovoltaic systems and devices for wind turbines.

Blue Nodules deep sea mining concept design for polymetallic nodules

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European Community
1 Feb 2016 - 31 Jan 2020

Meet the team

Reichart, Gert-Jan
Head of Scientific Department