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INSITE_Measuring the ‘shadow’ of artificial structures in the North Sea and its effect on the surrounding soft bottom community

Through the presence of a rich epifaunal community, oil/gas platforms in the North Sea may act as (1) biofilters creating a ‘shadow’ affecting the water column and soft-bottom benthic surrounding. This presumed ‘shadow’ effect is more prominent in shallow compared to deep water areas of the North Sea due to attenuation of the particle flux with depth. (2) stepping stones for species enhancing biodiversity in the wider North Sea. 

Platform L7A in the southern North Sea, seen from Pelagia

The ultimate goal is to assess the present function (shadow casted on benthic community, larvae) and potential role (restoration of areas to be closed) of man-made structures in the North Sea, which will provide stakeholders with independent scientific data to improve our understanding on the effect artificial structures will have on the ecosystems of the North Sea 

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1 Jul 2015 - 30 Jun 2018

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Mienis, Furu
Senior Scientist