Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research


To understand how coastal ecosystems are affected by climate change, and to forecast how they will change and adapt, it is essential to collect environmental data and to integrate these into mathematical models. We use a range of techniques, varying from field observations, remote sensing and image analysis, to collect large amounts of data with modern technology. Processing these datasets and integrating them in mathematical, physical and visual models for projection of the future state of coastal (eco)systems is the core business of the Digital Lab Facility (DigiLab)

Mathematical modelling With mathematical models we aim to understand and predict what future brings
Remote sensing & Big data Using special workflows, we process huge data sets into accessible information
Hydrodynamical modelling With hydrodynamical models we aim to simulate the impact of sea-level change
Visualizing & digital twins With virtual reality we provide a lifelike glimpse of what the future will bring
Field observation & Data We gather extensive datasets on physical, ecological and chemical processes