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NWO-ZKO programme

NWO/ZKO programme

From 2004, NIOZ and Wageningen Marine Research cooperated in the NWO/ZKO-programme 'Changing carrying capacity in the Wadden Sea and North Sea coastal zone' and its sub-project 'Wadden Sea ecosystem data assimilation and integrated modelling'.

Within this project, the ERSEM-GETM model has been applied to the Western Wadden Sea (for a closer look on the Wadden Sea model results, visit Wadden System Research Centre).  Except for changes in the physical set-up such as the bathymetry, grid-size and vertical resolution, the only extension necessary was the inclusion of processes to model the dynamics of benthic diatoms. Thus, this application can also be seen as a test of the genericity of the ERSEM-formulation.