Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Zeynep Erdem

Phone number
+31 (0)222 369 421


  • Paleoceanography & paleoclimatology
  • Oxygen minimum marine environments
  • Multi-proxy applications; isotope and biogeochemistry
  • Marine sedimentology
  • Benthic foraminifera (Peruvian taxa)


    • 2012 - 2016 Ph.D. in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel
    • 2008 - 2011 M.Sc. Climate and Ocean Sciences, Eurasia Institute of Earth Systems, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
    • 2004 - 2008 B.Sc. Engineering Geology, Faculty of Mines, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

    Research Interests

    • Paleocenaography and Paleoclimatology
    • Marine Geology, Sedimentology 
    • Oxygen Minimum Marine Environments
    • Micropaleontology; Benthic Foraminifera


      • 2013 German R/V Meteor Leg 94, Caribbean Sea, Geological studies (sediment sampling)
      • 2010 & 2011 ICDP: PALEOVAN Field work (Lake Van, Turkey) & Laboratory (Bremen, Germany)
      • 2010 Italian R/V Urania, Geophysical and Geological studies in Sea of Marmara
      • 2010 German R/V M.S.Merian Leg15/1, Bosphorus Outlet Area Black Sea, Geological studies (sediment sampling) (HYPOX)
      • 2010 Turkish R/V Yunus EC ESONET Sea of Marmara Demo Mission
      • 2009 Turkish R/V Arar, Bosphorus Outlet Area Black Sea, Geological and Geophysical Studies (HYPOX)



      NIOZ publications

      • 2016
        Doering, K.; Erdem, Z.; Ehlert, C.; Fleury, S.; Frank, M.; Schneider, R. (2016). Changes in diatom productivity and upwelling intensity off Peru since the Last Glacial Maximum: Response to basin-scale atmospheric and oceanic forcing. Paleoceanography 31: 1453–1473.

      Linked projects

      ERC Long chain diols as novel organic proxies for paleoclimate reconstructions
      Stefan Schouten
      European Community - European Research Council
      Project duration
      2 Jan 2014 - 1 Apr 2021