Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Yvo Witte

Senior Sea Technician
Phone number
+31 (0)222 36 9327
National Marine Facilities (NMF)
Senior Sea Technician

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Friday 29 November 2019
Successful mooring recovery from Challenger Deep (Mariana Trench)
In November 2019, physical oceanographer Hans van Haren, electro technician Martin Laan and mechanical engineer Yvo Witte of the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research recovered their 7 kilometers long mooring line from the deepest point…

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Monday 27 June 2022
From 20 - 23 June two NIOZ colleagues boarded the Italian tug Macistone to recover, service and re-deploy the Mediterranean sediment-trap mooring that is part of a unique time series of Saharan dust collection since the late 1980's. The time series…
Wednesday 07 October 2020
NIOZ@SEA | Assembling a 3D high-precision temperature array
Follow NIOZ scientist Hans van Haren and a team of technicians while assembling an impressive 3D high-precision temperature array in the harbour of La Seyne sur Mer, near Toulon. The deployment consists of a 70 m diameter large ring, containing 3000…
Saturday 09 September 2017
Expedition M140
Research Expedition M140 onboard FS Meteor took place from 10 August until 5 September 2017 and was dedicated to servicing three sediment-trap mooring stations and surface buoys that have been collecting Saharan dust since we deployed them last year…