The NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is the national oceanographic institution for the Netherlands. Our mission is to gain and communicate scientific knowledge on seas and oceans for the understanding and sustainability of our planet. To this end, NIOZ facilitates and supports fundamental as well as applied marine research and education in the Netherlands and Europe.

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13/04/2015 08:37

NIOZ is partner of world’s first floating tidal BlueTEC platform

The first BlueTEC Tidal Energy platform is formally named “BlueTEC Texel” by the Mayor of Texel, Francine Giskes, in the Port of Den Helder, the Netherlands. The floating platform, which holds tidal turbines beneath the sea surface, will soon be installed south of the island of Texel – supplying clean electricity to the Dutch grid. This first BlueTEC will serve as a demonstration platform targeted at remote locations worldwide, such as islands in Indonesia, Philippines and the Pacific. It is also the start of further development of higher capacity tidal energy platforms, to be deployed in large farms.

Also Royal NIOZ participates in the first BlueTec Tidal Energy platform. The role of Royal NIOZ is primarily to perform research into the effects of the platform and turbine on various abiotic factors such as tidal currents, suspended sediment concentration and bathymetry around the platform, using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers mounted beneath the platform and the NIOZ research vessels RV Navicula and RV Stern. In addition, they will analyse information about wave structure.

“We are proud to be involved with such a forward-thinking energy generation project,” comments NIOZ director professor Henk Brinkhuis. “The comprehensive data set that we are collecting will be invaluable for future development of worldwide tidal energy programmes.”

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10/04/2015 08:45

Today we launch the NIOZ Wadden Systems Research Centre.

We have collected our knowledge on Wadden systems around the world in our brand new Wadden Systems Research Centre.

For more than 100 years, multidisciplinary teams of NIOZ have gained specific insights and expertise on the functioning of the Wadden Sea, which became World Heritage in 2009. More recently, studies in other intertidal mudflat areas in Mauritania, Australia, Alaska, Oman and China have broadened our expertise, including the design and deployment of innovative monitoring technologies.

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18/03/2015 13:02

Promotion: More accurate palaeoclimate reconstructions

Climate change will greatly affect society. One of the main challenges for science is, therefore, to understand and predict climate change. Complex climate models, which are used to quantify climate change, are calibrated on the basis of reconstructions of past climates. .

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15/03/2015 17:07

High-tech industry wants to mine trace elements from the deep sea floor, but how will this affect sea life?

Press release 10 March

Mobile phones, tablet computers, PCs, electric cars ….. more and more devices we use are powered by batteries, and these batteries contain metals. Rising demand causes metal shortages and a rise in metal prices. This has led to a renewed global interest in deep-sea mining. However, the effects of large-scale industrial mining activities on the deep-sea environment are unknown. Over the next three years, a European team of scientists will study the long-term consequences of deep-sea mining in the Pacific Ocean. The NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Texel and Yerseke) takes part in this research project, which is partly funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NIOZ scientists are going to collect data during three research cruises aboard the German research vessel ‘Sonne’ later this year and they will use these data to address some of the key questions on deep-sea mining. The first research cruise will depart from Panama on Wednesday 11 March.  

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