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Impact of microphytobenthos

Impact of microphytobenthos on C, N, P and Si cycling in dynamic intertidal systems

Intertidal euphotic sediments experience large and rapid fluctuations driven by tides and variation in light. We will study sediment biogeochemistry under such fluctuating conditions, focusing on the impact of microphytobenthos (MPB). Fieldwork will elucidate the controlling influence of MPB on sediment biogeochemistry in different physical settings (inundation, sediment type). Controlled lab experiments will unravel the impact of fluctuations on sediment biogeochemistry. The datasets will serve to create a new class of sediment models that explicitly couple microbiology and geochemistry. These models will be useful tools to evaluate the microbiological paradigm that 'everything is everywhere, but the environment selects'. 


The combination of hardcore modelers and experts in new fancy methods ensures an exellent team for creating a new class of sediment models

    Karline Soetaert, Lubos Polerecky

 Project team

Low tide at the Wadden sea, The Netherlands. Photo: Jurjen Veerman

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