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Jerico-Next: Integrated approach for the implementation of the MSFD monitoring of pelagic habitats (phytoplankton)

JERICO-NEXT emphasizes that the complexity of the coastal ocean cannot be well understood if interconnection between physics, biogeochemistry and biology is not guaranteed. Such an integration requires new technological developments allowing continuous monitoring of a larger set of parameters. 

Understanding algal bloom dynamics

In this project we aim to enhance the understanding of the dynamics of algal blooms by combining data on phytoplankton distribution, abundance and diversity with chemical and physical oceanographic data. Furthermore, we apply novel in situ automated or semi-automated methods to address phytoplankton diversity, abundance, biomass and photosynthesis parameters in marine coastal systems, with a focus on harmful algae and eutrophication. In addition, we assess their potential for complementing traditional methods, which are based on discrete water sampling and labour intensive laboratory microscope work.

We formulate inputs for science strategy related to the JERICO-RI and recommendations for its further development, thus creating a roadmap for the future. 

This research follows the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

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1 Mar 2016 - 31 Oct 2019

Meet the team

Kromkamp, Jacco
Senior Scientist