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HYTECH_Hydrodynamic Transport in Ecologically Critical Heterogeneous interfaces

Need for an interdisciplinairy approach

Physical, biochemical and ecological processes in natural water bodies have been the subject of intense research over the past decades by scientists of different expertise. Environmental studies related to natural water bodies are a relatively new area of research, spanning over no more than fifty years. The dawning of environmental studies in the late 20th century has seen developments mainly confined to individual classical areas of expertise, with relatively small degree of interactions among specialities. The development of a truly interdisciplinary approach to environmental studies in a holistic perspective appears one of the main challenges of the new century.

Racetrack flume at NIOZ Yerseke.

Research & Training 

This project aims at the training of new technical and scientific figures which can bring innovation in environmental applications and problem solving. The training activity will cover the transport of inorganic and organic matter, including solutes, colloids and sediments in river flows and across the boundary interfaces. Understanding of transport mechanism is a predestined stepping stone towards the ability to assess the vulnerability of the natural environment to anthropogenic stresses. The crucial role of heterogeneities of the stream geometry, of the nature and composition of interfacial matter, and of transported matter, will be emphasized by appropriate experimental and mathematical tools. Direct observations and measurements of transport and ecological processes, using up-to-date instrumentation and investigation procedures, will play a major part in the research and training programme.

Private parties involved

The participation of the private sector in the training activities will be a key element to guarantee the direct transfer of methods and results into the professional and technical market. The trainees will build specific competence in modern environmental technologies, achieve state-of-the-art knowledge and practical skills building on an existing academic degree in engineering or environmental sciences.

Project information
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European Community
1 Jan 2013 - 31 Jul 2017

Meet the team

Bouma, Tjeerd
Senior Research Leader
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