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Thursday 24 September 2020
Jaap Sinninghe Damsté elected to membership in Academia Europaea
Jaap Sinninghe Damsté (NIOZ/Utrecht University) has been elected member of the prestigious Academia Europaea.
Thursday 24 September 2020
Nieuwe Podcast Van Delta tot Diepzee
De podcast Van Delta tot Diepzee is een zoektocht naar de stand van de zee met onderzoekers van het Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee, het NIOZ. Iedere maand nodigen radiomakers Tessel Blok en Mathijs Deen een onderzoeker uit…
Wednesday 23 September 2020
Caribbean islands face loss of protection and biodiversity as seagrass loses terrain
Tropical islands have an important ally when it comes to battling storms and sea-level rise: seagrass. During hurricane Irma, an extremely powerful Category 5 storm that hit the North Caribbean in 2017, NIOZ scientist Rebecca James witnessed how…
Monday 21 September 2020
Adult Atlantic croakers in the NIOZ fyke
The Atlantic croaker (Dutch: knorrepos) is a common fish on the East Coast of America, but very rare on this side of the Atlantic ocean. "Since 2004 we have only caught a few juveniles in the NIOZ fyke, but in september 2020 we have caught 2 adult…
Wednesday 16 September 2020
Discovery of microbes with 'mixed skins' sheds new light on early evolution of life
Current research suggests that more complex life-forms, including humans, evolved from a symbiosis event of Bacteria and another single-celled organism known as Archaea. However, evidence of a transition period in which the two organisms mixed were…
Friday 04 September 2020
Importance of science-based data in an exploration of deep-sea mining
The wrap-up of the ‘Blue Nodules’ project shows the importance of science-based data in the much-debated exploration of deep-sea mining. In this EU-funded project on deep-sea mining, scientific data supports engineers in the development and…
Wednesday 02 September 2020
ERC grant for ‘mysterious world of archaeal symbionts’ and the evolution of life
NIOZ researcher Anja Spang receives one of the highly-competitive Starting Grants from the European Research Council (ERC) for her research on the early evolution of cellular life. The awarded project ‘Archaeal Symbionts in the Evolution of Life’…
Monday 31 August 2020
Myron Peck joins NIOZ as new Head of Coastal Systems
Dr. Myron Peck joins NIOZ as the new Head of Department for Coastal Systems (COS) from the first of September. Despite these challenging times, Peck is excited to make the transition to NIOZ. ‘NIOZ and COS are world-renown for their research on…
Friday 28 August 2020
Red knots base migration strategy on both environment and experience
In her dissertation Why Knot? Eva Kok (NIOZ and the University of Groningen) investigates how individual red knots develop their migration strategy. Although environmental conditions play a key role in shaping individual routines, she urges not to…
Wednesday 26 August 2020
Understanding potential errors and downfalls of a novel climate proxy
Accurate reconstructions of past climate changes are essential to understand the changes the world faces today and make predictions for the future. In her PhD research, NIOZ scientists Sophie Reiche focused on the novel proxies of long-chain alkyl…