Find out more about how we at NIOZ are looking back on a challenging COVID-19 year 2020 in interviews, videos, facts & figures and a picture gallery. 
The National Marine Facilities had to deal with cancellations, but still managed to make quite a  few science cruises and make big steps on the path to a new research fleet.
Get to know Myron Peck, the new head of the department of Coastal Systems Research.
Learn more on how Anja Spang and colleagues unraveled a previously unknown, potentially symbiotic group of archaea.
Caterina Coral talks about her first sampling expeditions on the North Sea and Peter Kraal about his study of the chemical processes that control the properties of sediments and water.
Meet Sandra Liefhebber, who joined NIOZ as the head of the Human Resources department in September 2020. 
And browse through some examples of NIOZ collaborations in 2020.

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