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Other equipment & facilities

Requests to utilise equipment can be addressed to:
Erica Koning  +31 (0) 222 369 441 | if no answer: Alex Cofino +31 (0) 222 369 375

HD Video System

The HD video system can be deployed to water depths of up to 5000m and records live video streams at high resolution. The surveilance of deep sea habitats or gear is strongly improved by the in house development of a new High Definition camera system suspended in a hopper frame. Using the new fiber optic cable on the Pelagia we are now able to view live HD video recordings in real-time.

Remotely Operated Vehikel (ROV) 'Genesis'

ROV Genesis is owned by VLIZ Vlaams Instituut voor Zee and manintained together with NMF. The ROV can be made available upon request.  Further details of the equipment can be found here.

Seismic equipment

Upon request seismic equipment can be made available. 

Containerised laboratories for use on board

RV Pelagia can hold a maximum of 9 containers to be used during the cruises. The following containers are available.

Standard laboratory containers

Thermo stable lab containers 

Office/seismic container

Workshop container (for mooring work)

Containers requirering specialised/licensed personnel to operate on board

Isotope containers

Auto-analyser containers, for analysis of anorganic nutrients in sea water.

Specifications of the auto-analyser
Type: AxFlow Bran+Luebbe Traacs800, 
Possible analyses: NH4, PO4, NO3, NO2, SiO4, DIC, HS

Specifications of the container
Standard 5 meter container including ventilationsystem, airco, heating, Milli-RO and Milli-Q waterinstallation. Maximum 4 differend nutrients can be analysed with a maximum of 800 per day.

For technical details contact: Jan van Ooijen    +31 (0) 222 369 440