Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Royal Netherlands
Institute for Sea Research

Biological Sampling

Requests to utilise equipment can be addressed to:
Erica Koning  +31 (0) 222 369 441 | if no answer: Alex Cofino +31 (0) 222 369 375

Agassis Trawl

Used for collecting benthic mega-fauna in the deep sea.

Net opening: 3 x 1 m; Mesh size: 1 x 1 cm; Weight dry: 1.500 kg; Max depth: 6.000 m.
Closing door mechanism to avoid catching pelagic fish/plankton

Beam Trawler

Bottom trawl used to collect fish and epifauna.

Width: 3, 2 or 1 m; Mesh size: 5 x 5 mm; Dry weight: 300 kg (3 m beam)

High Pressure Sampler

Used for recovering small volume pressure retaining samples from the deep-sea in inert bottles. Now bacterial respiration and production - not affected by decompression – can be measured.

Small inert bottles: titanium; Several volumes: 50 and 200 ml; Possibility of on-board tracer addition.
Water depth down to 6.000 m; 6 or 12 bottles per depth; Up to 6 depths per cast.
Pressure drop < 5%; Integrated in CTD carousel; Electronical strain gauge and mechanical pressure measurement; Pressure retaining nutrient addition unit.

Hydrobios wp2 Plankton Net

Uses to collect zoo plankton (vertical fishing).

Net opening: diameter 60 cm; Mesh size: 200 μm; Deployed from idle ship.

Isaac Kid Net

Used for pelagic fishing of nekton, plankton and fish eggs.

Net opening: 8.2 m²; Mesh size: 2 x 2 mm/5 x 5 mm; Beam width: 2.5 m; Height: 7 m.


Used for collecting zoo plankton at 5 different depths.

Net opening = 0.25 m²; Several mesh sizes: 100 μm, 200 μm, and 500 μm

Actuating via conductor tow cable. Readout via tow cable: Temperature, Depth, Tow speed, Fluorometer (optional); Max depth: 1,000 m, Height: 2.5 m, Weight: 200 kg.

Remark: Conductor tow cable is needed.

Rectangular Midwater Trawl Net

Large pelagic net for collecting fish and plankton

Plankton net: Net opening: 1 m²; Mesh size: 300 μm

Fish and nekton net: Net opening: 8 m²; Mesh size: 5 x 5 mm

Acoustic actuated closing mechanism. Readout via acoustic modem: temperature, depth, tow speed, net status.

Total height: 13 m; Total weight: 1,000 kg.

Triangular Dredge

Used for catching bottom material from rough seabed.

Opening: 1 m triangle; Mesh size: 2x2 cm; Dry weight: 150 kg; Max depth: 6,000 m
Three dredges available.